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A different approach to medicine

Get to know where you're at in your health right now, so you can move forward with confidence 


Initial Consultation

This 90 minute appointment will set our foundation for your future health plan. We'll start to unfold your health story, recognizing your own journey and patterns, & discuss diagnostic lab work. This is the largest piece in unfolding your health puzzle. 

Access to professional online dispensary

for supplements, botanicals, and nutraceuticals.

Screening Lab Bloodwork

With video interpretation so you can come back later. Getting baseline blood work is one of the most important health tools we can utilize.The right bloodwork is essential for diagnosing conditions, flagging concerns, and establishing YOUR normal baselines

Meal Plans & Recipes

Curated for your own diet, allergies, and even tastes.

Customized Health Protocol

Designed to give you a snapshot of your unique biochemistry, genetics, and health story as it stands right now to maximize vibrancy and resiliency. We'll meet for a quick 20 minute follow up to go over this.

Follow up support

When to book a follow up:

  • Appearance of new symptoms

  • Changes in lifestyle, diet, disease process

  • New treatment plan required.

  • Feeling stuck

  • Labwork interpretation

  • After completing programs

  • Complex questions/consultations/coaching


Dr. Kayla Clarke, ND

Heal (v): to make whole

I truly believe that the body has the innate ability to heal. The universe moves towards balance. We just need to learn how to listen.

As a new system of consciousness begins to arise on our planet, it's become apparent that a different system of medicine and healing is also required.


You don't need doctors in white coats telling you you're fine or giving you a pill. 

I want to create a new paradigm where instead of the doctor being the healer and you being sick,  we act as a teacher, guide, and coach –the healing comes from you, perfect and complete as you are..

I'm here to help modern humans align their intuition with their physiology so they can show up in this world and execute their purpose.


Approach to healing

My role is to integrate all the practical stuff - the labs, the medicine, the history, with your essence, your energy, and who you are right now. Combined, I craft individualized and intentional treatment plans to help build a resilient you.  

When people feel empowered, deeply connected to themselves, their intuition and to each other, magic happens. They are brave, they lean in, & trust their potential. They advocate for more, they live their purpose, and they change the world. 

The process

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Virtual for BC residents

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