• Kayla Springer

The importance of basic bloodwork

Getting baseline blood work is one of the most important health tools we can utilize.⁣⁣


The right bloodwork is essential for diagnosing conditions, flagging concerns, and establishing YOUR normal baselines.  ⁣⁣


Many people I see have never had baseline values established, and labs are often only ordered centering around diagnoses or disease.⁣

This is a problem because often, by the time a disease process causes enough damage to cause symptoms, it's already well established. ⁣⁣

ND’s look at bloodwork a little bit differently. While we are well versed in the standard ranges of “normal” values, we are also aware that many of us do not fall on this average curve, and often times our symptoms don’t correlate.  ⁣⁣


By tracking your baseline values, we can notice changes over time. We  account for your genetic, medical, and family history to get a more accurate prediction of long term health requirements and concerns. You’re a unique person, with unique requirements - not a generic lab value. ⁣⁣

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