Reset Your Skin

Navigating Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Imagine, feeling at home in your skin.

You don't need steroids, strict elimination diets, or endless unintentional supplements.


You need a system that helps you understand the process and how it pertains to you uniquely, so you can make empowered choices for your own body.

This program is meant to connect you with the most foundational aspects of your physiology so you can take control of your health and feel at home in your skin. 

With customized protocols designed by Dr. Kayla Clarke, ND. 

Private Skin Coaching

Access to all of the foundational modules and protocols that I take my patients through.

Foundational Online Course

Community is the medicine. Connection is the cure.


The Foundational Online Program



1 Foundations, Sleep & the Nervous System

Image by Justin Lane

If the basics aren't in check, we can't expect the body to be running at its most optimal.

In this module you'll learn the functions of sleep & the most recent research on how to optimize sleep. We'll also learn about the different responses to stress, and talk about these different manifestations and how to recognize and correct an imbalanced and hypersensitive nervous system.

3 Balancing the Immune System

Image by Chelsea shapouri

People with eczema and Topical steroid withdrawal tend to have imbalanced immune system. In this module we talk about, Immune System & Inflammation Management (TH2 Balance), Long Term Diet and Ideal Eating, and Histamines in Your Environment.

5 Mindset and Mental Health 

Image by Patrick Fore

Mental health and mindset is arguably the most important piece of navigating topical steroid withdrawal. In the module you'll find pre recorded mindset meditations and visualizations. We'll also go over breath and why its so important.

2 Digestion and the Gut

Image by Anne Allier

We'll talk about the process of digestion, how to optimize your nutrients, the importance of the microbiome, what leaky gut is, how to target specific gut issues, how gut health ties directly to skin health, and why resetting the gut is one of the most foundational things you can do for TSW and eczema. I'll also outline the ideal style of long term eating for skin health.

4 Supporting Your Detox Pathways

Image by Masaaki Komori

The body is well designed to deal with toxic insults, but the sheer volume of our exposure now, combined with poor diet and lifestyle can lead to an overburdened body and under functioning detoxification processes. We'll learn how the body detoxes, what it means and how to tell when it goes out of sync or needs support, how to optimize our body's innate detox pathways, what is biofilm and why it matters, and how to detox the body in a safe, relevant, and effective way.

6 Skin Practicalities

Image by Darius Bashar
  • Program Roadmap

  • Recipe Books

  • Supplement Guidebook

  • Topicals and Skin Care Routines

  • Guide to Light therapy


Your Coach




I’ve been through it too.


In 2016, after a lifetime of eczema and allergies, my body went into a full body inflammatory process called Topical Steroid Withdrawal. For an entire year I was covered head to toe in a red, inflamed, oozy, flaky rash. 


I remember feeling isolated, hopeless, confused, and betrayed by the system and my body. Unable to find any guidance, validation, or hope meeting doctor after doctor, desperate for an answer, only to leave with more creams and potions.


I remember standing in front of the mirror clawing at my face and neck, flaking oozing and itching, praying for the bone deep itch to abait a bit so I could sleep.


I remember having no idea what was happening to me, and being told that time was the only thing that would heal me.

Although time is the ultimate healer, there is so much we can do to support our body through the process and shorten our trajectory. By focusing on the things that keep us in alignment, we become more in tune with our bodies, allowing our physiology the opportunity to sync with our environments.



I want your experience to be different. I want you to be empowered. I want you to take action.

I see you, skin warrior




When you join the Skin Reset System, one of the benefits is the innate sense of belonging that comes from a conscious and connected community.


You don't need to feel alone in your health (life) journey.


You may not getting the answers you need from Google or the rest of your health team. Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed with information, living someone else's version of healthy and are unsure how to take your health optimization to the next level. Perhaps you aren't worried about it - but you still need to live as a human on this earth.


This is why I created a group of kind and compassionate, like minded humans to grown and optimize their health together.


When people feel empowered, deeply connected to themselves, their intuition and to each other, magic happens. They are brave, they lean in, trust their potential they advocate for more, and they execute their purpose.


Option 1

Complete DIY-er


The Online Course

  • Lifetime access to the entire curriculum of the foundational pillar skin resource library & online course

  • 20 minute roadmap call. We will go through the most actionable way for you to move through the material.

  • Course is completed at your own pace, under your own discretion.



Option 2

A custom approach


With Private Coaching

  • Lifetime access to the entire curriculum of the foundational pillar skin resource library & online course

  • 90 minute 1-1 intensive intake with me, where we go through your entire health history &   lifestyle. This leaves you with a foundational snapshot of where your health and skin are at right now.

  • Functional lab interpretation (of labs you already have)

  • Customized Health Plan: Designed to give you a snapshot of your unique biochemistry, genetics, and health story & how it pertains to your skin health. We'll meet for a quick 20 minute follow up to go over this.

  • Month long meals & recipes

  • Follow up goodies: meditations, visualizations, yoga classes, practices, recipes, masterclasses.

Included in all options:

Lifetime Access to Foundational Pillar Online Program: Access to the Foundational Pillar Program Online course which focuses on balancing the main systems that go out of equilibrium and affect your skin health.. You will gain the tools you need to fortify the foundations of health that support your entire physical existence, learn how to heal and reseal the gut, encourage a health microbiome, identify your individual food sensitivities & optimize the detox pathways to help facilitate the removal of steroids from the body. These are all the protocols and foundational modules that I have created for my patients, all in one place.

Weekly Coaching Q&A: Weekly Zoom Q&A community support calls, where we have the option to  connect as a community, support each other, share our stories, learn, and ask questions. 

Private Facebook Group:  Access to a Private Facebook Group, where you will find a kind and compassionate community and your accountability partners. Moderated by myself, who will provide feedback to let you know when you are on the right track.

Access to online professional grade dispensary for high quality nutraceuticals. Discount codes for high quality supplements, botanicals, skincare, and other goodies.

Options for Continued Care Additional coaching calls as needed!

An Empowered Approach

You deserve to understand your health better. You are the expert on your own experience.

“We are all made for every moment we encounter⁣.

Whether the moment takes us, or we make the moment.⁣
Whether we are helpless in it, or on top of it⁣.
The predator or the prey⁣,

We are made for that moment.”⁣
-Matthew Mcconaughey⁣

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