The Four Pillar Program

Navigating Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Imagine a day without scratching.

This course is designed to empower you with the knowledge to support and rebalance your body from the inside out so you can clear your skin and show up to life.

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I've been through it too.


Hi, I’m Dr. Kayla,My goal is to help you align your physiology with your world so you can show up to life and execute your purpose.


I will help you demystify and navigate the most fundamental and foundational health topics. The information in the course will give you the tools you need to navigate your skin journey and feel more resilient, vital, and pure in your day to day life.

What you'll learn

  • The foundational imbalances that lead to TSW and eczema. 

  • The basics of functional skincare in the modern world

  • Tangible tips to help decrease the struggle of topical steroid withdrawal. 

  • Gut healing, ideal eating, and elimination diets.

  • Tips to rebalance your body and create foundations for healthy skin

  • Recent research, therapies and clinical evidence on TSW and eczema

  • Lifestyle, supplements, diet and nutrition,  & herbal information

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Curriculum: the four pillars

By supporting the following four pillars, I believe the body can slowly be brought back into alignment and balance, creating a stable foundation for lasting health. 

Foundations for skin health.


Getting back to basics. Getting back in touch with ourselves while learning how to stay aligned in our world.

  • Foundations Of Health

  • Diet and Food for Skin Health

  • Eat with Intention

  • Optimizing Sleep

  • Stress & Nervous System Balance

  • The Magic of Breath

Heal the gut, heal the skin


The health of the skin can directly correlate with the heath of the gut. 

  • Pillar 2: Leaky Gut & Inflammation

  • Pillar 2: The Skin Reset Elimination Diet

  • Pillar 2: Heal the gut, Heal the skin.

Detoxing after topical steroids


The body is well designed to deal with toxic insults, but the sheer volume of our exposure now, combined with poor diet and lifestyle can lead to an over burdened body and under functioning detoxification processes.

  • What does it mean to detox?

  • Optimize your Poop - The best thing you can do for your skin.

  • Safely Detoxing with Eczema & TSW

  • Daily Detox Practices to Implement Today

  • Reducing Environmental Toxic Exposure

Balance the immune system.


Allergic tendencies and issues like TSW & eczema often stem from an imbalanced immune system and chronic inflammation. Rebalancing the body is necessary to set the stage for healthy aging and long term health.

  • Pillar 4: Immune System & Inflammation Management (TH2 Balance)

  • Pillar 4: Long Term Diet and Ideal Eating

  • Pillar 4: Histamines in Your Environment


TSW Logistics

  • Coming soon: Topicals and Skin Care Routines

  • Recipe Books

  • Daily Detox How to Guide

  • Coming Soon: Visualizations and Meditations

  • Personalized Course Planner

Ongoing Support

  • Continued Community

Healthy skin starts from within.

Reset your skin

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Virtual for BC residents

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